• Build Some Excitement!

    Whatever your event is, Allstar has the knowledge and experience to make it something truly memorable
  • Gear. Lots Of Gear.

    We have the equipment (and the people to run it) needed for your show. Whether you need full production services, dry rental or pickup rental, we've got what you need.
  • You're In Good Company

    The Edmonton Eskimos and the Edmonton Oilers are among our many clients who rely on us for their special event needs.
  • Breakforth Canada

    Allstar has provided production services to Breakforth Canada, the largest Christian renewal conference in Canada, for over 4 years
  • Electronic Dance Music

    Allstar has been an intrinsic part of the Western Canada Electronic Dance Music scene for years, providing production services to some of the biggest raves
  • Lighting

    We are continuously investing in the latest in intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures
  • Festivals to Fashion Shows

    Whatever your event's goals, we can help. We've helped put on events of all kinds, from festivals to fashion shows, conferences to concerts!
  • Corporate Events

    Our production services can transform the most drab meeting space into a beautiful and functional space with lighting, audio, staging and video
  • Charity Events

    Every year we help dozens of non-profits and charities with their fundraising, awareness and celebration events
  • Outdoor Events

    Allstar provides production services outdoors throughout the year. Each season brings with it a whole different set of challenges, but we have the gear and the experience to make it work!
  • 3D Projection

    Turn any building or structure into a moving and dynamic medium to present your message!

Production Services

Allstar is one of few companies who can provide all the services required for your event, from the basics (lighting and audio) to the unique (special effects and mobile stages), plus design services.


Whether you just need us to produce the technical drawings for your show, or a complete event design, we have the experience, skills and people required to design your perfect event. More Information...


Lighting serves two main purposes: make sure people can see whatever is going on as well as setting a mood. Allstar has a huge range of conventional and moving lighting fixtures to achieve any lighting goal. More Information...


Audio is one of those services you often don't notice when it's done right, but when it's done wrong, you certainly notice! Allstar has millions of dollars worth of the latest audio equipment to make sure no one notices your audio because it's bad! More Information...


A picture says a thousand words, so video must be... a million? Allstar has a huge range of video capabilities, including video production services, indoor and outdoor projection and LED screens. More Information...


Our clients are increasingly putting on events in venues that do not come with stages, from fields and streets to community centres to football stadiums. We have a number of staging products to allow your show to be anywhere you can dream of! More Information...

Special Effects

Lasers, CO2 Cannons, Streamers and Confetti, Spandex Shapes; we've got them all! Add something special to your event More Information...

Truss & Rigging

Not always the most exciting area of service, but without it, all the gear would be sitting on the floor! We have thousands of feet of truss and rigging allowing us to hang almost anything almost anywhere! More Information...


Sometimes over looked, but just like truss and rigging, it's essential. We have a fleet of vehicles from cube vans to semi-trucks to get the gear you need to where you need it. More Information...

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Production and Rental service is not available from the Vancouver office.

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