Production Services: Truss and Rigging

Not always the most exciting area of service, but without it, all the gear would be sitting on the floor! We have thousands of feet of truss and rigging allowing us to hang almost anything almost anywhere!


  • Arcofab 12" - 1', 3', 4', 6', 8', 10', Curves, Corners
  • Arcofab 16" - 8', Corners
  • Arcofab 20" x 30" - 8', Corners

Roof System

  • Made of 20" x 30" Trussing, the center covered section is 44' x 44'
  • 16' clear span wings for Sound System towers
  • Height can be up to 28' and stands on four 16"x16" towers hoisted with 1 ton chain motors
  • Fabric is 18oz white with built in rain gutters


The structure has been engineered and approved for the following:

The amount of ballast required for stability was determined based on a steady wind speed of 65 mph (105 kph) gusting to 92 mph (148 kph). These wind speeds are based on a 1 in 50 reoccurrence and are typical in a number of locations in Canada. As required under Limit States Design, the wind load is factored up by 40% and the ballast and dead weight is factored down by 10%. This provides a factor of safety against overturning of 1.4/0.9 = 1.56.


We have what's called a "high Wind Action Plan" in place and our crew is trained to react if need be.


  • Steel Rope
  • Spansets
  • Shackles
  • Burlap


  • CM Loadstar and Chainmaster 1 and 2 ton
  • Chainfalls


  • Genie 24ft
  • Works Lifts 20ft
  • Applied Electronics 16ft
  • Manfrotto Push-Up and Crank-Up Stands

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Production and Rental service is not available from the Vancouver office.

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