Video Equipment Production Services

A picture says a thousand words, so video must be... a million? Allstar has a huge range of video capabilities, including video production services, indoor and outdoor projection and LED Video Walls.

Four Camera Production System

Allstar Show Industries now offers a complete four camera HD production system based on the JVC GY-HM790U HD SDI camera with capability to record full HD video onboard via dual SDHC card slots. At the heart of the GY-HM790U is the new Dynamic Digital Signal Processor. Processing is performed on the full progressive 1920 x 1080 signal, regardless of the camcorder's settings, ensuring the highest picture quality in any shooting mode. All major HD resolutions are supported, including 1920 x 1080, 1440 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

Designed to Achieve Higher HD Picture Quality with JVC's Advanced Technologies

The three 1/3-inch progressive CCD design works in conjunction with JVC's original Triplex Offset technology to dramatically increase horizontal, vertical and diagonal resolution. The high-performance DDSP (Dynamic Digital Signal Processor) allows you to achieve pictures of stunning definition up to full progressive 1920 x 1080. These technologies are complemented by the true HD 14x zoom lens from Canon, offering less chromatic aberration and higher resolution throughout the zoom range.

The JVC KA-M790 Multicore Studio Interface system is a compact interface unit that connects to the back of the GY-HM790 shoulder-mount camcorder to provide full studio/EFP capabilities. Available functions include intercom controls, call switch/indicator, and a power source select switch. A 26-pin connector lets you use existing 26-pin control cables, while teleprompter and intercom connectors provide further studio functionality. A large LCD 8.4 inch HD viewfinder is provided on three tripod mounted cameras featuring full HD/SDI return video, with one of the cameras housed in the KA-790 Studio Sled with a Fujinon 17X HD telephoto lens and the fourth camera designated as the hand held roving unit. The JVC RM-HP790DU HD/SD Camera Control Unit is the remote for use with the JVC GY-HM790U ProHD solid-state media camcorder that connects to the camcorder through a multicore/BNC hybrid cable, which ensures lossless SDI transmission. The RM-HP790DU provides extensive control functions, including gamma level, paint, knee, gain, iris, black level, and shutter. All four CCU’s are connected to the RM-LP20U remote camera controllers and are genlockable to the Black Magic ATEM ME 1 HD SDI switcher reducing latency to less than one frame on the HD SDI outputs.

The ATEM ME 1 is a true broadcast grade panel with premium quality switches, faders and joysticks that are normally only found on the most expensive switchers available. ATEM even uses an FAA certified operating system for a true broadcast grade switcher! ATEM is the most creative solution for live switching! All transitions are instantly available with a button push on the control panel and include the same cut, mix and wipe found on traditional mixers! Plus you also get extra innovative ATEM transitions including dip, DVE, graphic wipe and stinger! It's simple to load clips into the 2 built in media players for exciting custom animated graphic transitions. ATEM features a built in DVE with 3D borders, light source and drop shadow! You can even use the DVE for transitions, or route into any of the 4 built in keyers for incredible multi-layer compositions! The ATEM 1 M/E model gives you 8 video inputs, 3 Aux outputs, SDI, HDMI and analog program outputs, SDI and HDMI multi view outputs, USB 3.0 as well as down converted SDI and composite outputs.

The heavy-duty 164' multi-core camera cable is designed to connect the studio equipped JVC professional camera to a CCU. It includes dual integrated HD/SD-SDI cables with BNC connectors terminating at a block on each end of the cable. The cable jacket is made of a heavy duty vinyl. It is slip proof when pulled in a studio or on location and rewinds without binding or crimping. Four BNC-BNC cables are provided for convenience. For long Front of House runs Allstar Show Industries also offers the VC-DHP114M heavy-duty 330’ (100 m) multi-core camera cable.

LED Video Panels and Video Walls

ED video has revolutionized video for the production industry. When projection is just not bright enough, or there's not enough room for a projector and screen, LED video steps in.

LED video panels are made up of thousands of individual colour-changing LEDs. They're amazingly bright, making LED video ideal for outdoor use or situations where the video becomes almost a lighting effect in itself (for example at concerts).

As with all technology, the price of LED panels has fallen dramatically in the past few years, allowing this product which was once out of reach to all but the biggest budgeted shows to be available to almost anyone.

Allstar has a huge range of LED products, from 4mm to 150mm. The 'size' corresponds to the distance between each LED (or pixel). The smaller the size, the closer together the pixels are and the better the quality of the picture.

Architectural Projection

Architectural projection is basically projecting onto buildings. But that makes it sound much less cooler than it really is! By taking advantage of the features of the building, buildings can appear to move, transform, explode and collapse! 

This unique product uses high powered projectors with their images 'blended' together to create one giant image on the face of the building. The vast majority of projects like this use the Barco FLM HD-20, a 20,000 lumen HD projector. We have two of them in stock and access to many more from industry partners allowing us to project onto even the largest buildings.

Examples from around the world:

Ralph Lauren in London
Atlantis Resort in Dubai
Nokia in London

Equipment List

LED Panels

  • InVision Avalon 4mm
  • InVision Avalon 6mm
  • InVision Axis 7.8mm Outdoor
  • InVision Axiom 18mm
  • VisuaLED ST18 18mm Outdoor
  • InVision Flex 12mm
  • InVision Flex 37mm
  • InVision Codo 50mm
  • InVision Codo 75mm


  • Barco FLM HD-20 (20,000lm)
  • Sanyo XF-47 (15,000lm)
  • Sanyo WTC-500AL (5,000lm)
  • Sanyo WU-3800 (3,800lm)

Projection Screens

  • 12' x 20' Fastfold (16:9)
  • 9' x 16' Fastfold (16:9)
  • 7.5' x 13' Fastfold (16:9)
  • 13' x 17' Fastfold (4:3)
  • 10' x 13' Fastfold (4:3)
  • 7.5' x 10' Fastfold (4:3)
  • 6' x 8' Fastfold (4:3)
  • 10' Round (truss)
  • 100" Traveller (pull-up)
  • 80" Traveller (pull-up)


  • JVC GY-HM750 HD Cameras
  • Sony HXR-NX5U HD Cameras
  • Sony EVI-D70W PTZ Cameras


  • Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E HD Switchers
  • Folsom ScreenPro
  • Edirol V8
  • Edirol V4


  • Analog Way Tetra-Vio
  • InVision Clarity
  • InVision Clarity HD
  • HDMI, HD-SDI, VGA and Composite Adapters


  • 53", 32", 23", 19", 7"
  • Freestanding and Truss Mounts

Players and Recorders

  • Dataton Watchout 5 Media Servers
  • Datavideo HDR-50 HD Hard Drive Recorders
  • DVD Recorders
  • DVD Players