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Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Mixing Console

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Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Mixing Console


The PM5D-RH is a full-digital SR mixing console that takes advantage of cutting-edge digital audio processing technology. 24-bit linear AD/DA converters are used to deliver up to 110 dB of dynamic range and amazing sound quality. As input channels, it provides 48 monaural channels, four stereo channels, and four stereo channels for effect return. As output channels, it provides 24 mix channels, eight matrix channels, and two stereo channels. The PM5D-RH can be used in a wide range of applications. You can assign desired channels to be controlled by the eight DCA faders on the panel, and use them as group faders.

The PM5D-RH model also provides programmable control of head amp input sensitivity and phantom power settings.




  • The PM5D-RH features standard high-performance head amps, head-amp recall capability that allows head amp gain settings to be recalled along with the other console scene data.
  • 48 mono and 4 stereo inputs, 24 mix buses and 2 stereo outputs, and 8 matrix outputs     (expandable).
  • Custom "DSP7" LSI for ultra-high-speed 96-kHz/32-bit processing.
  • I/O capacity and functionality can be doubled or tripled by adding one or two rack-mountable     DSP5D-RH Digital Mixing Systems.
  • Easy "virtual soundcheck" with individually assignable channels does not require complex   re-patching.
  • Built-in VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) effects offer impeccable simulations of classic signal     processing gear.
  • 8 high-performance multi-effect processors and 12 graphic equalizers built in.
  • Enhanced security features keep the system operating flawlessly in any application.


Package consists of:


  • 1 - PM5DRH V2.25
  • 1 – PM5DRH Aluminium road case with dog house on castor board
  • 3 – Console lights
  • 1 – Power supply
  • 1 – Power supply cable

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Photo Gallery 
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