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BLOWOUT prices on NEW, Open Box and Demo microphone solutions from AKG, Astatic / CAD, Audio Technica, Audix, Azden, Clock Audio, Crown, Electro Voice, JTS, Sennheiser, Shure and Telex.




AKG GN 30 E 5Pin 30cm Gooseneck Module with 5 pin XLR

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AKG GN 30 E 5Pin 30cm Gooseneck Module with 5 pin XLR

Similar to the GN E Modules, the GN E 5Pin Modules come with an integrated connector with phantom power adapter. One special feature is the 5-pin XLR connector, which ensures that the extra-large LED ring can be activated and deactivated using a separate power supply, e.g., a Logic out from the AS 16 x 12 automatic mixer. The LED ring is extra large for enhanced visibility. Of course the GN E 5Pin also has the same features as all Discreet Acoustics Modular Series installation modules, such as a gold-plated thread for screwing on the capsule, integrated switchable bass cut, and extremely strong joints that will withstand the toughest kind of usage.

More Details »Price:$75.00



Astatic 201R RF Resistant Mini-Boundary Microphone-Black

New & Open Box»Microphones


Astatic 201R RF Resistant Mini-Boundary Condenser Microphone



Miniature installation button style condenser boundary mics for use in teleconferencing or voice lift sound reinforcement. Other applications include surveillance, ambient recording or audio observation. Improved RF immunity to greatly reduce susceptibility to radio interference from cell phones, PDA or similar two-way communication devices.

More Details »Price:$75.00



Audio Technica MT830C Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier

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Audio Technica MT830C Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone

Same as MT830R, less power module; unterminated 55" (1.4 m) cable.

Designed to be worn as a lavalier or hidden in loose clothing or in the hair, the MT830C provides high intelligibility for lecturers, stage/TV performers and singers. The mic’s wide-range capability ensures clean, accurate reproduction. It operates on phantom power only.

More Details »Price:$65.00



Audix MICROPOD-6 gooseneck with M1250B microphone

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6" Modular gooseneck with M1250B microphone

M1250 with 6" flexible gooseneck. ATS10 table stand sold separately. RFI Immunity. Condenser
Cardioid 80 Hz 20 kHz

More Details »Price:$145.00
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