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Radio Design Labs, Inc.®, abbreviated RDL®, is a manufacturer of electronic audio, video and control products headquartered in Prescott, Arizona, USA. Its products are distributed worldwide for use in commercial and residential audio and video installations and in broadcast and recording facilities. The company is known as the pioneer of application-specific electronic modules. The company produces modules in several trademarked product series including STICK-ON®, RACK-UP® and FLAT-PAK™.

Audio and video systems in the years leading up to the founding of RDL were characterized by technical designs based on features available in commercial amplifiers and mixers. Examples include signal mixing, equalization, source selection and signal distribution. Available features often did not meet the optimal system design requirements, so system design flexibility was constrained by the functional limitations of the equipment used. RDL set about to change the way systems were designed through the use of single-function modules, also known as application-specific modules. Each module performs essentially a single function, such as mixing, equalization, source selection, signal routing, signal distribution, signal detection or remote control. The isolation of functions into single, low-cost high-reliability modules offered system designers complete flexibility to interconnect multiple modules in virtually unlimited combinations to create systems with previously unattainable features. This method of system design and installation was widely adopted within a few years of its introduction. RDL application-specific modules are used by nearly all system integrators in the United States and by progressive designers and installers worldwide.

Audio products comprise the greatest diversity of function, including Power Amplifiers, Transformers, Processing, Paging, Microphone products, Mixing, Line Amplifiers, Test Equipment, Interface products, Pre-amplifiers, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) products, Program Monitoring, Distribution, Signal Generators, Meters, Speakers, Crossovers, Filters, Attenuators, Phono pre-amplifiers, VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers) and products to provide local and/or remote Switching.

Certain functions offered in the Audio products group are applicable to other signal types. RDL Video products include Distribution, Attenuators, Line Amplifiers, Detectors and a variety of related video switching modules.

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