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XL STAGE™ has a choice of risers in many shapes, sizes and heights.

Since there are different types of staging, there are different types of risers to ensure total stability of your entire stage system. Quarter round, square or triangle, each platform uses a unique support to maintain a maximum amount of weight capacity and safety.

Shapes & Sizes
There are many shapes and heights that make up the full range of XL STAGE™. There are risers for 3’x3’and 4’X4’ square decks, equilateral triangles, 90° right triangles, and quarter round platforms. There are also many different heights: 8”, 16”, 24” and 32” for our 3’X3’ and 4’X4’ platforms.

Reach for the sky
With the riser stacking kit, it is easy to transform the height. Add a 12 and 16 inch riser together and get a height of 28 inches! With XL STAGE™. The ability to adjust the height of your stage is limited only by your imagination!. This kit includes four interlocking screws, and 6 clips to reinforce the riser.

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